Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wrapping up the wive's tales, and my last day pregnant.

Well, tomorrow is the induction. I'm going to wake up at 6:30, put on the coffee pot (for Angie and TJ) and then go back to sleep for 30 minutes. Then I'm going to get up, take a shower, and call the hospital to check bed availability. If they have beds available I get to leave right then and go straight to the labor part.

For the record, I've tried all the old wive's tales now, painful or not. There was definite progress on that last one, but apparently not enough to convince Mr. L. Itsababy to leave the warmth and comfort of my womb. I tried one more today, though it's more urban legend right now. There's this pizza, at Skippolini's in Walnut Creek, called "The Preggo Pizza" which is supposed to induce labor. No, really. Here's the link. It's got just about everything you can think of on it. Salami, Pepperoni, Ham, Mushrooms, Olives, Bell Peppers, Extra Onions, Sausage, Ground Beef, Linguisa, Extra Garlic, Parmesan and Oregano. OK, so there are a few things I can think of that aren't on it. Artichoke hearts for one. However I don't really like artichoke hearts, so that's ok with me. Unless they're like, marinated in garlic and olive oil and oregano for days before you use them for anything. Mmmmmmm... that makes pretty much anything good though. 

The pizza is tasty, though. My brother, mother, and mother's best friend brought it to me, as we were celebrating my last day of pregnancy today. We went to the farmer's market and bought supplies for the labor and delivery room (cheese, crackers, fruit, kielbasa, chocolate) and the coming few weeks, and then went out to get some delicious Chinese food from what I fondly refer to as The Only Chinese Restaurant In The County, or Chef Chu's. Essentially, I got to eat all my favorite things today, see the people I love, and celebrate the life I've lived so far and the wonderful way it's about to change. There was also cheesecake, though that was received yesterday. And also partially eaten yesterday. But come ON, it's CHEESECAKE! And it was vanilla bean cheesecake with lemon curd on top, to boot. Soooooo tasty.

So the refrigerator is currently full of amazing leftover food, the cabinets are well-stocked with things that are both tasty and easily prepared, the crib and bassinet are quietly awaiting occupants. My backpack has clothes, a towel, a book of DVDs, my DS, and other essentials to keeping me occupied and happy. My cell phone and my Nook are fully charged, and I am remembering my spare charger cord.I still feel like I've forgotten something, but other than the "How to Not Raise a Psychopath" handbook, I can't think of what it could be. I know that technically we have everything we need. Babies don't need much, people keep telling me. Babies need love, and food. I can supply both of those, from just my body and heart.

It's nice to have all these wonderful optional things though: breast pumps and terry cloth changing table covers and stuffed animals and baby chew toys... and the support of my family and friends has been overwhelming. So many handmade blankets, lovingly preserved hand-me-down clothes, favorite books, treasured stuffed animals... I am truly blessed. And then of course there's my church. As much as my husband doesn't understand my religion, he does understand the support they're giving me. Just yesterday one of my Visiting Teachers came by with a loaf of home-made bread and a tupperware container of what she referred to as "freezer jam" which means she was actually APOLOGIZING for bringing last season's fruit instead of this season's. The Relief Society has planned the meals for my entire household (yes, for Angela as well) for the third and fourth weeks after L. Itsababy's birth, because that's what the Compassionate Care sisterhood does... it's just the way we roll. 

I'm so overcome by love today, it's the most amazing feeling. If it wasn't for the fact that tomorrow ends with a baby in my arms, I'd almost want it to never stop.

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