About The Author

I'm a married 28 year old first-time mother. I live with my husband, TJ and my best friend, Angela. Between the three of us we also have three cats: Moo, Squeak, and Chimichanga. We live in a small one-bedroom apartment in Northern California. I grow organic produce on my meager patio, and am trying to learn (and teach!) how to raise healthy, well adjusted children in a busy and demanding over-processed world.

I grew up mostly in the San Francisco Bay Area. At the age of 18 I moved to Missouri, where I went to a small, women-only college called Cottey College. This is where I met Angela. I received my Associates of Arts there in 2003. I then moved BACK to California to attend the University of California at Santa Barbara. This is where I met TJ. After three years I had to leave school without graduating for financial reasons. I don't have many credits left to take to finish my Bachelor's of English, but the money and the time are currently eluding me.

I've worked off and on as varying types of administration and food service, which is a better deal than working as a carny (which is kind of what I did between high school and college) but not as good as getting paid a living wage to write (which is my eventual goal). Since a lot of my friends who DO have degrees are also unemployed, and in some cases living out of their vehicles, I feel pretty blessed in my life.