Saturday, July 16, 2011

How to break up a catfight

still tired, so I'm just posting this until I can get my outlines together for the labor and delivery revue.

How to Break Up a Cat Fight

You will need:
2 cats of similar size and weight who either do not know or do not like each other
1 small room, preferably with tile flooring for easy cleanup
1 broom
1 bowl of wet food
1 chair, or footrest, to protect your ankles.
1 spray bottle of water (to taste)

Combine cats and bowl of wet food in small room. Allow to marinate for ten minutes, or until cats have begun to rise and proof, before entering. Hold broom with both hands, and when it becomes necessary, strike straight down next to the bowl. If or when this is not effective, use broom in a stiff stirring motion, separating cats as one would eggs. Add water from spray bottle to taste, protecting your ankles by lifting your feet (and rest of body, if preferred) to the top of the chair or footrest.

Approximate prep time: 10 minutes
Approximate brewing time: 20 minutes
Cleanup: 5-25 minutes depending on hose availability.

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