Monday, September 12, 2011

Ongoing Goings On

Things are both better and worse.

L. Itsababy's over his ear infection, which is wonderful. However that means we don't have a go-to "oh he's fussing because of his ear" explanation anymore. Sometimes he's perfectly content to just sit and stare at anything and everything. Other times he needs to be walked in ever tightening concentric circles within line of sight of the ceiling fan and a light source while I sing "Tuppence a Bag" from Mary Poppins and take a slight skip on every fifth step.It's enough to incite those thoughts that mother's shouldn't have, but we all do anyway. Those horrid dark thoughts that creep into your mind at 3am when the lights are out and everyone else is sleeping except you and the baby. I was expecting those thoughts to have flown away like migrating birds by now,a nd it's looking more like what was originally just baby blues is moving closer to PPD.

The cats are seemingly warming up to E a bit more each day. the other day Squeak, who until now has been the most standoff-ish of the trio, walked right up to his infant seat and started sniffing his toes. It was adorable. Of course she bolted when I reached for the camera. I'll try to be faster next time.

We've discovered this wonderful spray from Nature's Miracle which stops feline marking. I'm a little sad that we had that problem, but it's also solved so many other problems with the cats that I'm almost happy we had to try it. It keeps them out of the kitchen, keeps Squeak from scratching the bedroom door, and it smells like cinnamon and lemongrass. let me repeat that. IT SMELLS LIKE CINNAMON AND LEMONGRASS. This will be amazing come Christmas.

We're starting to put serious thought into E's Halloween costume for this year. So far there are a few contenders.

The first is Rincewind the Wizzard from Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels. Yes, I spelled all of that correctly.  Most people tell us that E has this otherworldly wizened look about him, somehow he seems so much older and more knowledgeable than the average 9-week-old bundle of DNA, and we're considering taking advantage of that, in the form of a fabulous sleep-sack based robe and hand-made "Wizzard's hat" that I'm sure we can find a pattern for somewhere on the interwebz.

The second is a theme-based costume. TJ has gone as the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland several times, and I'm considering making it girly and stealing it for myself this year. Angie agreed it would be nifty to go as a similarly themed character, and personally I was thinking Mad Hatter. That puts E in fine form to be The Dormouse. And what a cute dormouse he'd be, too.

I've been cooking a lot in the crock pot recently. It's so much easier to just pile what we want for dinner into that than actually focus on making separate courses. A lot of pulled pork and chicken, a lot of chili. in fact, I'm making pulled barbecue chicken pizza with white sauce and green onions for dinner tonight, as per boboli crust instructions.

and my timer just went off.

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